About Us

We have the knowledge, experience and competence in complex.  Company Kongsberg Skipsservice AS is specialized in shipbuilding work of nature:

  • The construction

  • Repairs

  • Installation

Kongsberg Skipsservice AS was founded in 2012 to go against the Norwegian market needs. We have over twenty years of experience gained at Polish, German, Netherlands, Italian, English, Norwegian, and Finnish shipyards.

We pay great attention to meeting deadlines, proper planning support, and taking care of the appropriate and competitive price level. Our company is open to any new type of task, with high precision and individual approach to the issue.

The scope of the services to be performed include, among others:

  • Construction and assembly of the hulls

  • Reconstruction and adaptation of vessels and platforms

  • Installation and commissioning of systems

  • Installation of piping

  • Welding, also offshore

  • Insulation and shipbuilding

  • Project management

As the Kongsberg Skipsservice AS currently holds 15 permanent employees and employs 55 people

We are interested in establishing new contacts and cooperation with new partners.